ICC – Supported Accomodation


We are delighted that our Supported Accommodation is now complete – see photo’s above.

Our first residents moved in last week of December 2014. Our final resident moved in Sept 2015. Optia Inc (now Possability Inc) is our partner who have responsibility for providing support to our residents and UnitingCare Tasmania is our Property and Tenancy partner. The four One Bedroom Units, Two, Two bedroom units and the ‘Big House’ accommodating four residents and a carer are fully occupied. Welcome to our new community. 

Subsequent to the completion of the accommodation facilities the church is proceeding with the building of the Church/Community centre and have built a manse on the site for our minister.   

Kingston Uniting Church is blessed to be located on a significant site in a bushland setting. Over many years the congregation has been searching for ways how its mission might be carried out more effectively utilising some of the land on which the Church is situated. The congregation over the years has had a great passion for those with disabilities. Recently that passion and programmes run have provided the congregation with the opportunity to think about how the passion for people with disabilities and the large space of land might be brought together.

A dream of an Intentional Community emerged in which people with disabilities were a key part (especially those who were currently living at home with aging parents.)

As the dream emerged, architects Morrison & Breytenbach  and Urban Initiatives (landscape architects) were engaged in August 2012 to work with us to develop the Rowallan Park – Intentional Community Master Plan.

The Master Plan provides for a three staged development of Rowallan Park.


1A Supported Accommodation for people with disabilities – complete 
1B Relocation of manse to church site – complete 
2 Church and Community Centre – expansion and refurbishment – due for completion May 2016  
3 Community housing – planning in progress. 

Stage 1 and 2 architects impression

PHOTO: Stage 1 & 2 (Architects impression)

Application to Federal Government for SAIF funding.

The Federal Government called for applications for the Supported Accommodation Innovative Fund, The congregation made a submission supported by the Department of Human Services and Health in Hobart. The application was successful and $2.81million was provided for the project.

Stage 1A Supported Accommodation Complete 

Accomodation design plans
Supported Accommodation design plans
Artist impression of Supported Accomodation
Artist impression of Supported Accommodation (looking from the existing church)

STAGE 1B – The Manse – Complete 

Stage 2 Church and Community Centre.

  • Stage 2A  – Complete  Stage 2B commenced January 2016   – see Church and Community Centre page for more information.

Stage 3 Community Housing.

The master plan will be reviewed in light of the previous two stages and compliance with local government conditions. Toward the middle of 2016 a review of the initial proposal will be undertaken and a revised proposal as to make up of accommodation and nature of accommodation will be developed.

The Uniting Church in Australia – Kingston congregation is very excited about the possibility of being part of an integrated housing community on its site and looks forward to building strong relationships with the community as it evolves.

An Invitation:

A Journey Together

Now that we have completed our Rowallan Park Intentional Community Master Plan we see ourselves embarking on a journey together. An ‘intentional journey’ on how we might we encounter Christ in our community?

Our plan tells a story of what will be built, where and when, but does it tell us why?

This website will provide details of progress being made in the “implementation” of the plan for Rowallan Park. However, there are deeper questions or more significant ideas that ought to considered. These are raised not to get “straight” answers but as an invitation into conversations about, for example, why is the notion of an ‘intentional community’ being used? Where is God in the master plan? What vision might our church hold for the neighbourhood and neighbours who surround and participate? With whom is our church forming life-changing relationships?

Maybe the exploration of ideas and practices that such questions evoke could lead us on a journey towards shared understandings and deeper connections with the identity, values, purpose and calling of the Kingston Uniting Church.

Over the coming months we will be considering opportunities for enabling conversations and theological explorations.

We would welcome conversation on the above.

Stage 3 Programme Control Group has been working on this stage for over a year and in January 2019 is finalising a business plan for the third stage. The plan is to provide retirement 2 bed units Studio affordable units and houses for rental, a caretakers house, and community shed. The possibility of an Aboriginal education and Cultural centre is also being considered.

A draft document ‘I would like to live in this place…..’ outlining some of the vision of the intentional community we wish to create by completing stage three can be viewed by by contacting the Church office.

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